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The Community Centre can help you as you get on your feet again. As well as our usual resources, The DSCC has created Project Bounce Forward to give you as much support as you need. We administer the Dungog Natural Disaster Relief Fund, providing funds and goods for people getting started again.
— Project Bounce Forward team

Getting Support through Project Bounce Forward

Need help with your recovery from the 2015 storm? Project Bounce Forward is for you, supporting you in everything from advocating with insurance companies to restabilising your garden, getting counselling, finding accommodation, accessing services and funds including the Natural Disaster Relief Fund and much more. (For a more detailed list, see below.)

  • All services are free.

You can access the services and activities by just getting in touch, or you can be referred by another agency.


For more information or to talk to a member of Project Bounce Forward please call 4992 1133 or contact us by email and we’ll get back to you.


Project Bounce Forward can:

  • Advocate for you with power companies, insurance companies, and others, we have direct access to a Legal Aid rep who’s been allocated to the Dungog Floods
  • Link with Local Lands Services and Soil Conservation to help you with restabilisation of foundations and gardens
  • Work with Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer organisation that helps fix up gardens; including the Brush With Kindness project
  • Provide household goods, furniture, and other items that will help you on your feet again. Goods can be new or used but in good condition
  • Connect you with local builders and volunteers for professional advice and work
  • Counsel, care, communicate what might help you through the tough times and challenges.


Come along to:

  • Our Self Care Support Group – every second Wednesday night – and find out what works for you. Meeting other people who’ve gone through the same experience is very helpful.
  • Occasional events (like the Wallarobba Cricket Match, the Project Bounce Community Day,  Bus Trips, Concerts and much more)
  • Activities already running at the community centre or other groups: Community Kitchen, Community College, Tuning Into Teens, CWA craft mornings, Menshed workshops and gatherings, etc).


 Project Bounce celebrations

Project Bounce celebrations

 Parachute fun

Parachute fun

What is Project Bounce Forward?

Straight after the storms in April 2015, the Dungog Shire Community Centre provided essential support across the initial crisis response and early recovery operations. These included providing emergency accommodation, food, clothing and other welfare support to people in need; coordinating donations and volunteers and establishing information registers. We worked closely with other agencies and groups, but it was the 35 year relationship of The Centre with the area that enabled us to make those responses count.

But, it was soon clear that recovery would be a long journey. For the community to truly recover, people needed to be supported, connected and nurtured. Many pathways were needed to help rebuild lives, homes and community.

Project Bounce Forward was formed to assist the community with information, links, resources, decision making and emotional support to 'Bounce Forward'. The Bounce Forward philosophy is that we don’t go back to how things were before, but use the crisis as an opportunity to grow, taking a new, empowered approach to life.

We use an outreach' model – if you can’t come to us, we go to you. If you’re not comfortable in an office, we’re happy to meet you in a coffee shop, park or your home.

The Project bounce forward team

Case Manager

Charmaine Dickson deals with the daily lives and long term recovery of those affected, helping them with connections, emotional support, advocacy and services.

Community Renewal Officer

Karen Maloney focuses on information and capacity building within the whole community. She organises activities and events and our Bounce Forward Newsletter, offers Emotional First Aid kits and activities within the schools and community groups and is a passionate advocate for change when it’s needed.

Counsellors and Chocolate Connections Program

David and Gillian Langford are involved through the Chocolate Connections program. The chocolates are an excuse to say hi and 'check up on' how people are going. They’re both counsellors with long experience and great hearts.


The contributions of the NIB Foundation, The NSW Department of Justice and Disaster Assist have made Project Bounce Forward possible. Without their financial and on going support, Project Bounce Forward would have stopped bouncing. Thank you.