Community gardening is more than simply growing food. It is also growing a sense of place and community.

community garden

 Building a Community

Building a Community

Sprouting everything from sunflowers to lettuce, to rosemary and tomato's, The Dungog Community Garden is a sure fire hit. Especially the gourmet wood fired pizza nights.

Funded by DSCC, the green project was developed and bought to fruition by DSCC volunteers. These green thumbs have been working hard on the terraced land that is tucked between the Primary School and the Community Centre. So far the garden has yielded crops including herbs, zucchinis, tomatoes, eggplants, beetroot, chillies, capsicums, silverbeet, strawberries and lettuce.

With the recent addition of a rain water tank and a compost bin the garden is truly sustainable.  You are welcome to come and weed a bit, prune a bit and pick a few to take home.

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