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Through our connections we can build our disaster preparedness to help Us, our Families and Community


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Get your street together to meet your neighbours, hold a Street BBQ or get together talk about how you can help each other everyday and in an emergency

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Meet the Street BBQ

Share with your neighbour

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Print one for you & one for your neighbours

Print one for you & one for your neighbours

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Talk to your Vet

Your vet knows and cares about you and your pet.

Talk to them about specific needs your pets might have and how you and your pets can be prepared to act quickly in an emergency. 

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How my club can help my community

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How my business can help my community

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write a business emergency plan

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Ideas of how to bring preparedness into your business

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How to share the preparedness message with your community

How to share the preparedness message with your community

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Connect & Prepare is a community disaster preparedness project of Dungog Shire Community Centre. The approach to disaster preparedness in this project has been informed by our community's experiences through recovery from a flash flooding event that hit our community on 21st April 2015.

As the Dungog community moved through their recovery inevitably the focus shifted to preparedness and what individuals could do to not only be more prepared to face and survive a natural disaster but also how they as a community could be more prepared to support themselves after a disaster event to rebuild and thrive in their recovery.

Our approach to preparedness has been to make it everybody's language, to take the conversations into the everyday. Identifying and harnessing the existing capacities, networks, resources and opportunities that a person, family or community has that can be accessed and adapted to bring strength and support to a new identified challenge.